System of moulds

front end

front roof

upper superstructure
+ cockpit

middle roof

rear end

hull+side panels

mould for side wall panels

Project for sale with complete moulds
prepared for short-run fabrication

59 900 €

Wall panels can be made of marine grade
plywood or built separately in optional mould mode of GRP

River Fox 31 is a inland waterways pleasure craft designed for recreational use in closed inland waterways, lakes, rivers or channels. It is built on universal GRP hull with maximal displacement of 7,5 tons. Superstructure is made of GRP and wood construction, all GRP parts are build with use of moulds. River Fox 31 can come in different versions for example; upper deck wheelhouse, flybridge, front wheelhouse or with different deck layout for charter or private use. Rectangle platform take advantage for living room and its maximum comfort however upper deck can be used for sun bathing. Version with front wheelhouse can be operated on little inland channels thanks to low clearance only 2,35m (according version).


River Fox 31 can be fitted with different type of propulsion system with single or double outboard engine. For better manoeuvring on tight waterways and during mooring manoeuvres it can be fitted also with bowthruster.

Its design is roomy and suitable to accommodate up to six guests. Its layout still can be variable and it is possible to build boat in different versions in different standards. Front salon optionally with wheelhouse can be fitted with spacious sofa which can be transferred to a berth for two guests. Galley is located in central area of the boat. On board is installed marine toilet and shower each in separate area. Aft cabin can accommodate up to four guests on two double beds. In all cabins and facilities is hadroom almoast 2m. In face of that doors are on bow and stern of superstructure mooring manoeuvers are very easy also for crew which is not trained well (specialy on charter boats).


River Fox 31 is made of Polyester GRP. Hull and superstructure is built in moulds, shape of boat allow to use simple one piece moulds, thanks to conical planes. Hull is made as monolith reinforced with inside sidepanels. Frames are made of plywood and laminated inside the hull. Front end of superstructure is made in one piece mould and is included with window and door frames. Rear end is also made in one mould with moulded stairs to upperdeck and with door frame and aft roof. Front roof is a simple part with all fittings to front end part and wall panels. Middle roof can be just simple one piece or fitted with cockpit (self drain, one piece mould) or with upper superstructure
– covered wheelhouse (one piece mould). Wall panels can be
made of marine grade plywood or built separately in optional
mould made of GRP. Superstructure is due to used wall panels system
reinforced by wood frames. Roof is fully walkable and can be used
as sunbathing deck. Front deck and aft bathing platform can be made
in one use mould according to customer demand for outboard engine
and other optional equipment.


River Fox ́s basic interior layout is suitable for six guests. This layout have upper deck open cockpit whit wheelhouse or upper superstructure. Optional version have wheelhouse on front starboard side of saloon. Saloon can be equipped with large sofa and dining table which can be transformed to guests bed. Large windows are making saloon lightsome and roomy. On board is huge galley in the middle of the boat. Shower and bathroom have separated rooms. On aft is situated cabin with two double beds and underneath the bed is storage place. Thanks to a rectangular plan space on River Fox 31 is used to a limit of absolute comfort. All cabins have standing height up to 2,0m. River Fox 31 can be equipped with all conveniences as cold/hot water system, 220/24V power system and heating system.


Project of 31feet pleasure craft “River Fox 31” for sale with complete moulds prepared for short-run fabrication. Offer is included with project documentation (drawings, hydrostatic calculations, strength calculations, diagrams technical and technological specifications...), moulds according to a mould list and production rights.

Asking price is 59,900,- Euro, all bits can be negotiable.

CE certification can be assured upon request.


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